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Tiny Stones with Meanings Necklaces

A collection of tiny natural stones tumbled for a smooth and tactile finish.
Each stone symbolises a different meaning, allowing the wearer to connect with the stone on a deeper level.

They are miniature talismans symbolising thoughtfulness and friendship. The collection is available in either gold plated or sterling silver, with a choice of 13 natural stones, a crystal card is also included making the perfect thoughtful gift.

Quartz (Healing)     Amethyst (Calming)     Amazonite (Confidence)     Rose Quartz (Love)     Citrine (Success)     Onyx (Strength)     Labradorite (Adventure)     Chocolate Moonstone (New Beginnings)     Pink Opal (Hope)     Lapis Lazuli (Self Acceptance)     Ruby (Vitality)     Dalmatian (Positivity)     Green Agate (Protection)