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Additional Chains

All of our chains can be purchased individually to wear alone, layer or wear with your existing charms and pendants allowing you to mix and match.

Our chains are either 18ct gold plated on a brass base or 925 sterling silver. 

Chains only - stones and charms not included.

Prefer to create your own complete necklace? See all of our Create Your Own options here.


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  1. Chain | Delicate Fine Curb (Sterling Silver)
  2. Chain | Satellite (Gold Plated)
  3. Chain | Delicate Fine Curb (Gold Plated)
  4. Chain | Satellite (Sterling Silver)
  5. Chain | Vintage Style (Gold Plated)
  6. Chain | Figaro (Sterling Silver)
  7. Chain | Vintage Style (Sterling Silver)
  8. Bracelet | Chunky Chain | (Sterling Silver)