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Additional Charms

Our additional charms are perfect to add to existing Decadorn or other necklaces.

Each charm is attached to a 5mm jump ring, so please check that your necklace can fit through a hole that is 3mm in diameter. These additional charms fit our delicate and satellite chains and can be attached to our chunky chain necklaces at the clasp. They do not fit our vintage-style chain.

Chain not included.

If you would like the charm added to a necklace, bracelet or chain within your order then please just add a note when you complete your purchase. Note, this will make your order bespoke and therefore non-refundable.


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  1. Additional Charm | Star Coin (Sterling Silver)
  2. Additional Charm | Moon Coin (Gold Plated)
  3. Additional Charm | Moon Coin (Sterling Silver)
  4. Additional Charm | Crescent Moon (Gold Plated)
  5. Additional Charm | Crescent Moon (Sterling Silver)
  6. Additional Charm | Tiny Star (Gold Plated)
  7. Additional Charm | Tiny Star (Sterling Silver)