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The Layering Edit

Discover the Decadorn pieces every jewellery box needs. Chains, bracelets, hoops and studs - we've put together an edit of the perfect pieces to wear alone for a simple, subtle look or to layer with other Decadorn treasures to create your own unique style.

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  1. Bracelet | Chunky Chain | (Sterling Silver)
  2. Chain | Satellite (Gold Plated)
  3. Chain | Satellite (Sterling Silver)
  4. Chain | Delicate Fine Curb (Gold Plated)
  5. Chain | Delicate Fine Curb (Sterling Silver)
  6. Chain | Vintage Style (Gold Plated)
  7. Chain | Vintage Style (Sterling Silver)
  8. Hoop | Endless (Sterling silver)
  9. Hoop | Endless (Gold Fill)
  10. Hoop | Beading (Gold Fill)
  11. Hoop | Beading (Sterling silver)