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Create Your Own Necklace

Get creative and make this gift as meaningful as possible.

Make your own bespoke necklace with a single, or up to four stones.

A hand-stamped initial or zodiac disc can also be added to the necklace for a thoughtful touch.

*As this is made as a bespoke item it will not be refundable*




How to make your necklace


Select the stones based on meanings or colours that best represent that special person in your life.


Select your chain in gold or silver.


Finally, add a hand-stamped initial disc to make it really personal.

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  1. Chain | Delicate Fine Curb (Gold Plated)
  2. Chain | Delicate Fine Curb (Sterling Silver)
  3. Chain | Satellite (Gold Plated)
  4. Chain | Satellite (Sterling Silver)