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Create Your Own - Gem Slice Triple Necklace

Get creative and design your own triple pendant from our bestselling Gem Slice stones, bespoke to you or a loved one.

Choose any combination of stones that represent you or your loved ones and select your preferred chain and length. We will hand-select the semi-precious stones creating a beautiful one-of-a-kind personalised necklace.

Please note all pendants are gold or silver plated.  Chains are gold plated onto brass or 925 solid sterling silver.  Care instructions must be followed in order to preserve the plating of your jewels.

From £82

Our create your own orders are made bespoke to you and are therefore non-refundable

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  1. Create Your Own | Gem Slice Triple Necklace (Gold Plated)
  2. Create Your Own | Gem Slice Triple Necklace (Silver)