Rose Quartz Crystal Bookends - Decadorn
Rose Quartz Crystal Bookends - Decadorn


Rose Quartz Crystal Bookends

These sparkling Rose Quartz Bookends are hand polished, revealing the cloudy pink shade of Rose Quartz. Each piece is subtly one of a kind.

Bringing a little jewel-toned beauty to bookshelves, desks and consoles, these Agate bookends will be an individual additon to any home.

Hand polished on 2 sides, revealing a glass like finish, contrasting with the outer raw element of the crystal, left in its natural beautiful state.

Rose Quartz is known widely as the stone of unconditional love. Many people keep Rose Quartz in thier home to surround themselves in a warm and loving home.

Every Bookend is hand carved and polished, making each piece truly one of a kind.


Approx 12cm x 10cm each