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Crystal Wellbeing Kit - Sleep & Dream

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Promote your health and aid relaxation with our stunning wellbeing kit.

These crystals have been hand selected to help promote a good night’s sleep - something we all need!

Keep under your pillow or on a bedside table. This is the perfect gift for someone struggling to sleep or treat yourself if you are having some sleepless nights.

Howlight - (White Marble)
Helps relieve insomnia

Rose Quartz - (Pink)
Brings beautiful dreams

Angelite - (Pale Blue)
Peaceful rest

Selenite - (Transparent White)
Glows in the moonlight (*Please note selenite sticks will be included as sphere has sold out*)

Amethyst - (Purple)
Calming energy

Please Note

We always try to select the best quality gemstones in terms of colour and celebrate the uniqueness of each stone and therefore they may vary slightly in sizes, shape, and colour to those photographed. 


Each kit comes complete with a protective Decadorn pouch, gift box, and stone card.