About Decadorn (old)

Decadorn is a British jewellery brand that showcases and celebrates the raw, natural beauty of the world using semi precious stones.


We’re inspired by free-spirited adventure and a joy in things long-lasting and beautifully made. To us, beauty doesn’t mean perfection, but honesty, workmanship and timeless design.


A fascination with the earth’s natural wonder is revealed in each of Decadorn’s jewellery collections. Designed and hand finished in our London studio, the unusual becomes precious and the imperfect turns into treasure for a lifetime.


About Helen

Following a creative degree at university, Helen worked as a fashion and interiors buyer for some of the UK’s biggest retailers. After a decade of working in the mass market she found herself uninspired and ready for a new adventure.

Having travelled all over the world for work, Helen left her job to head to California. Once there, she rediscovered a love of precious gemstones from her childhood, mesmerised by their colour and raw, unfinished beauty. 

Armed with a few thousand pounds and the determination to make it work, Helen went all in. She created a crystal jewellery range using the gemstones that she loved. Showing at Spitalfields market in London, her collections caught the eye of an accessories buyer for Anthropologie and the collection launched there the very same year.

Now stocked in stores online and all over the UK, Helen has made collections of everything from bespoke bridal jewellery to personalised birthstone jewellery, styling, photographing and designing all the pieces herself.

Her mission is to reveal the raw beauty of the gemstones that she loves. Wearing jewellery like memories, whether stacked, layered or alone, each piece represents a moment in life and the love associated with it. 



Our Values 

The beauty of raw, natural materials, exceptional service and handmade craftsmanship are at our heart.

We believe in respecting the earth and being as transparent, fair and accountable as we can to source the gemstones that we love. We’re working to remove all plastics from our process and use biodegradable gift bags and recyclable boxes for shipping.

We’re not fans of a throw-away culture, so we focus on excellent, small-scale, handmade craftsmanship. Nearly everything we make is to order and our responsibility to be fair to people and planet is in our minds each day.

Most of all, Decadorn wants to bring you remarkable service and works with many customers on bespoke jewellery pieces. Thanks to you, our business continues to grow, but never at the expense of our customers or the world that inspires us so much.


General Contact

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