Decadorn X Kamilla Thorsen Collaboration

This piece is a unique limited-edition collaboration between Decadorn and Kamilla  Thorsen Jewellery.

Kamilla hand makes her jewellery from her workshop in the historic seaside town of Svendborg in South Fyn, Denmark. We met when she lived in London, Kamilla moved back to her homeland and gave me this hand-cast coral necklace which I adore and it reminds me of our friendship. 

The pendant was created from a small piece of coral found in South America in the mid 90’s by Kamilla on her travels, she used it as a lucky amulet. For years after her return, it was kept on her desk before making it into a piece of jewellery. It represents days spent exploring, daydreaming and being free-spirited.

A limited-edition piece for Summer ‘20 that blends both of our brands focusing on this significant and beautiful coral pendant. A Decadorn freshwater pearl has been added reinforcing the connection to the ocean. We hope you love this piece as much as we do.