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Decadorn & Kamilla Thorsen Collaboration

Decadorn & Kamilla Thorsen Collaboration

Kamilla Thorsen is a Danish jewellery designer and a great friend of mine. She handcrafts her pieces from her studio in the south of Denmark on the Island of Funen. We met when we were both pregnant in London and bonded immediately, over the next few years our girls lived in each other’s pockets that was up until she moved back home. When Kamilla left she gave me a hand cast coral necklace that I adore and get many compliments every time I wear it, it reminds me of her so much and I loved the story behind the piece.



With this in mind I wanted to create a limited edition piece that blended both our brands using this significant and beautiful coral pendant. I have added our bestselling freshwater pearl to the gold necklace and sterling silver is also available with a raw crystal.




Inspired by the Scandinavian nature and natural geographical forms Kamilla creates elegant jewellery with an organic feel.

The coral pendant was created from a small piece of coral found in South America in the 90's. Kamilla found it and travelled with it as a lucky amulet. It was then kept on her desk for years after her return, before making it into a piece of jewellery. To me it represents days spent exploring, daydreaming and being free spirited.

We hope you love this piece as much as we do.

We will have it up for sale shortly, in the meantime you can visit Kamilla's website here.

Kamilla & Helen